The day started off with great hope of going shooting. However, the weather near the range was terrible so I scrubbed the trip after looking at the radar.

Whats-her-name had to do some business so that left the cat and me alone at home so both of us curled up the sofa and took a late morning nap whiled it rained. So far so good. Life is sweet.

Then whats-her-name came home and wanted to go buy new carpeting for the house. That is when things started to go to hell in a hand basket.

I spent most of the afternoon standing around and answering stupid questions like “is this color OK for the computer room”? How in the hell should I know and no matter what answer I gave she still got what the hell she wanted anyhow. It cost me several thousand dollars and now I have to empty the bookcases and do other hard work before the carpet installers get there. Worst yet is that I had to put up with a sickening salesman who I swear is a regular on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. Life is starting to really suck now.

Worst is that I have to get out all my ammo and stuff from the gun room. At least I am getting OD Green carpeting for the room. Of course now I have to paint it and move an 800 lb gun safe.

Why can’t women just leave things alone?