gang thug threw a bottle at a pregnant woman's face and then said "I'll cut the baby out of you and chop it up" after she tried to stop him mugging a young boy.

Up to 100 marauding thugs terrorised youngsters, mugging two young boys, beating up several others during a planned rampage last week.

The incidents unfolded over an three-and-a-half hour period on Wednesday night in Portmarnock and neighbouring Malahide, with one boy being attacked as young children were trick-or-treating just metres away.
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A brave young mum to be who saw what was happening came over to tell them to stop, but they then turned on her, with one yob shouting: “I’ll cut the baby out of you and chop it up in front of you."
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Several locals told how the gangs used the Dart line and social media to organise their rampage, even bragging to their victims and on social media about how easy it is to organise “posh-bashing” sprees in Portmarnock and nearby Malahide.

I believe posh-bashing can be defined this way - Bashing/criticizing the rich and famous.

Given the tone of the article and the players involved my opinion that this area and its people are not "posh". At least not in civilized countries