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  1. #1 Colorado State U: "Saying "Long Time, No See" Is Offensive To Asians" 
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    I ain't got the words.

    Here's a little personal story that involves this phrase. I used to own an Arnold Bread route back in the late 80's/early 90's. My last stop used to be an ACME in Paulsboro, NJ. Right next door was a Chinese takeout place I used to get my lunch at almost every day. I became real friendly with the owners. Well, when I sold my route of course I stopped going there until a couple of years later I was in the neighborhood so I stopped in for some lunch not thinking about if they would remember me. She did. Want to know what she said to me? Long time, no see. It wasn't offensive to her apparently.
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    I want to work my way up to place in life where I got nothing better to worry about than fertilizer like this.

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