While “all eyes” are on Florida amidst accusations of potential election fraud, there may have been something fishy going on in St. Clair County, Illinois. According to The Gateway Pundit, this would not be the first time something like this has happened, either.

Peggy A. Hubbard posted a multi-tweet thread explaining what happened in the 2018 midterm elections, noting that she was an election judge. She began describing some of what she witnessed as she watched the polling station.

❌Peggy A Hubbard❌ ���� @pahubb43

I witnessed attempted voter fraud on Tuesday.

92 yr old woman with dementia who could not speak

A man with 2 drives licenses and 4 different addresses

A woman that didn't live in the city she was voting in. And, Democrats were going to let them all VOTE!

I stopped it....

But that wasn’t all she saw.

❌Peggy A Hubbard❌ ���� @pahubb43

Replying to @pahubb43

I even had a man SO drunk he forgot his name. You could smell him from 7 feet away. And, they were going to let him vote.

Unreal what Democrats would allow.

Not only is it shocking that anyone would allow this, but it’s also shocking that someone would get in such a state before then going to vote.

Hubbard noted that she also caught a city council member just feet away doing no good. But it was Hubbard taking flack.

❌Peggy A Hubbard❌ ���� @pahubb43

Replying to @pahubb43

The Democrats filed complaints against me. They are asking for my REMOVAL as an election judge in St Clair county IL

This after i caught a city council members less than 10 feet from the polling place passing out fliers and other items. Rules say 100 ft. I called State attorney