After being turned back at the U.S. border, the caravan migrants are now wreaking havoc in Mexican cities such as Tijuana. While many have boarded buses and returned to their home countries, a massive majority remain lingering in Mexican border cities.

President Trump has come under fire for his comments calling many of the migrants "stone cold criminals" despite the Department of Homeland security issuing a warning that criminals and gang members could be lingering in the caravan. Now, evidence came to light showing migrants dine-and-dashing at restaurants in Tijuana.

" Waiters at a taco restaurant in #Tijuana attack a group of #caravan migrants with chairs after they attempt to dine-and-dash. #CaravanInvaders #CaravanaDeMigrantes "

Twitter user Christian Cámara (@Reaganista) posted a video on November 25 showing caravan migrants attempting to dine-and-dash at a taco restaurant. Employees of the restaurant attempted to confront the migrants and a chair fight ensued which spilled out onto the street.

It now seems Twitter is censoring evidence of migrants conducting illegal activities such as the dine-and-dash and ensuing fights. Cámara's video has now been deleted and anything but a few obscure screenshots is all that can be found online from the incident.