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  1. #1 Mexico's new president signs deal to stop migrants 
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    In one of his first acts in office, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has signed an agreement with his counterparts from three Central American countries to establish a development plan to stem the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.

    The Foreign Ministry said Saturday that the plan includes a fund to generate jobs in the region and aims to attack the structural causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

    Thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, have joined caravans in recent weeks in an effort to speed through Mexico to request refuge at the U.S. border.

    Dozens of migrants interviewed by The Associated Press have said they are fleeing poverty and violence in their countries of origin
    No they are spreading violence that exists in their country.
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    Curiously, Obrador ran and was elected on an anti-Trump platform of "no co-operation with America".

    Geopolitical expert, Peter Zeihan, characterized Obrador as having:

    the blind ideology of Ted Cruz, the corruption of Hillary Clinton, the shrillness of Elizabeth Warren, the anti-foreigner sentiments of Donald Trump, and the pathological refusal to engage in basic math of Bernie Sanders, all in one package

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