When Dick’s Sporting Goods announced earlier this year the chain would no longer sell so-called assault weapons at its Field and Stream locations, the backlash was intense.

The store made headlines and was slammed across social media and conservative news outlets for the anti-gun move. Some shoppers even abandoned the store altogether.

Now, the financial implications of the chain’s decision are becoming much clearer.

The company’s share price dipped more than 4 percent after a devaluation by J.P. Morgan, reports CNBC.

Stock in the company was downgraded by an analyst after failing to inspire confidence. The downgrade saw the stock slapped with a “neutral” label, meaning investors don’t see it as a rapid earner anytime soon
Further down:

Ten stores have already removed hunting items, reports WTVD. Those items were replaced with outerwear, baseball gear and other things likely found cheaper on Amazon.

While a sporting goods store excluding certain sportsman may seem like a bad business idea, Stack is hopeful about the test
Sound business decision. Will fishing equipment be next ?