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    the high desert

    33-year-old endurance athlete Colin O’Brady, who is attempting to ski across the frigid, unforgiving landscape solo, hauling all his supplies on a sled and receiving no outside aid
    28 people have made it to the pole solo but, to date, no one has done a complete crossing. Colin made it to the pole last week and has completed 662 miles with 233 to go, currently at an altitude of 9650. He is subsisting on 8000 calories a day, protein bars and freeze dried meals while pulling all of his supplies on a 400 lb. sled and listening to Paul Simon's Graceland album.

    Less than a decade ago according to Wikipedia:

    In 2007, O'Brady began what was planned as a year-long backpacking trip around the world. In January 2008, on the island of Koh Tao, he suffered a devastating burn injury. O'Brady participated in the local custom of fire jump-roping and was tripped by the burning kerosene-soaked rope. Although he instinctively ran into the ocean to extinguish the flames, he suffered second and third-degree burns to nearly 25% of his body, primarily damaging his legs and feet. 12 hours after the accident, he was transported by truck and boat to a hospital in Koh Samui. After a week and 8 surgeries he was transferred to a larger hospital in Bangkok. Though he was warned he might never walk normally, he took his first step the following month and was determined to make a full recovery.

    Succeed or not, the human spirit is truly indomitable. Go with God, Colin.

    I'm gonna go crawl under a rock now.

    The United States Navy, fighting Moslem barbarians since 1801.

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    Well... the guy made it.

    And nobody's noticing. Even O'Brady himself sounds like he's not in the moment about it. He was going to celebrate something, get online and catch-up with people, then hang out till New Years.
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