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  1. #1 A little thing in California that may not be so little 
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    Motor voter laws, which are major opportunities for illegals to get registered to vote, are administered through the DMV. California's intractable Democrat majority owes a lot to Motor Voter. Perhaps something is happening under the surface? Especially since DHS is now involved in elections...

    California DMV director steps down as agency struggles with Real ID, Motor Voter
    California’s Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed Monday that its director, Jean Shiomoto, will retire after three decades with the department and a tumultuous final year.

    “Director Shiomoto announced to staff last month her intent to retire at the end of the year after 38 years in state service,” the DMV said in a statement.

    Shiomoto, previously served as an auditor at the California Department of Developmental Services and had a wide range of responsibilities at the DMV. She took over as acting director in January 2013. Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her as the department’s full-time director in November 2013.

    During her tenure, the department struggled to implement new laws, including the state’s Motor Voter program — which launched earlier this year to automatically register people to vote when they visit the DMV. The department announced in September that it had improperly registered thousands of Californians through the program.

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    Gosh darn does this mean they will only elect Democrats? What...wait... they already do.
    Don't mind me I'm identifying as a sarcastic realist asshole today.
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