You know where this is going, right? Very disruptive black student, biology prof trying to get scientific concepts across calls campus police when black student gets out of control, and, presto! Racism!

I'm waiting for the day when black students will demand to be segregated in black classrooms with black teachers only. Then the white and Asian kids can get back to learning something.

Public university removes white instructor for telling students to ‘be respectful in class’
A white biology instructor who repeatedly warned her students to behave themselves has been yanked out of the classroom for the semester and required to undergo classroom management training.

The University of Texas-San Antonio cleared Anita Moss of showing racial bias toward a black student, who has a history of being disruptive, by calling campus police on her.

But a second investigation faulted the senior lecturer for telling students throughout the fall semester to “be respectful in class” by keeping their feet off chairs, putting away their phones and not talking.

Moss even asked one group of students to separate for the rest of the semester, as they were causing constant disruptions, according to the report by Howard Grimes, interim dean of the College of Sciences.

The student whom Moss called the police on never filed a complaint and has since apologized to the instructor for her behavior.