If that moron Obama wins the General Election and has both houses of Congress all kinds of bad things are going to happen. One of them is that the military is going to be destroyed. It was hurt bad enough with Carter and Clinton but you ain’t seen nuttin yet until you see what Obama will do.

Not only will be cut and run in Iraq but I suspect Obama will raid the defense budget to pay off his sleazy special interest groups. I suspect many defense program will be cut back or eliminated. Training will suffer.

The biggest problem I can see is that American middle class kids won’t join the service in this all volunteer military. I suspect troop morale will decline significantly and the enlistment rate will drop. Fewer people will reenlist. Everybody will be trying to get out.

Like with Clinton brave men and women who served our country honorable will not even hang their Honorable Discharge papers on the wall because they will be ashamed to have Obama’s name on it.

I think he will pretty well destroy the military. Of course being the dishonest Liberals that he is he will blame it on Bush, or something.