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  1. #1 Yale Professor Jason Stanley Identifies 3 Essential Features of Fascism: Invoking a M 
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    1. Conjuring a “mythic past” that has supposedly been destroyed (“by liberals, feminists, and immigrants”)


    2. Fascist leaders sow division; they succeed by “turning groups against each other,” inflaming historical antagonisms and ancient hatreds for their own advantage.


    3. Fascists “attack the truth” with propaganda, in particular “a kind of anti-intellectualism” that “creates a petri dish for conspiracy theories.”*
    Fits the moonbats to a tee.

    1. America was never great.
    2. Identify politics, hyphenated Americans
    3. VRWC, The Patriarchy

    The article references a 14 point list of features of fascism, which also match our lunar based flying mammal friends pretty well.

    It just amazes me how these nuts can't see how much of this junk they are doing and encouraging be done themselves.

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    One of the biggest lies out there is associating “Nazis” with right wingers. Nazis were national socialists. Far lefties. The people who prance around calling everyone a Nazi and a fascist are actually dumber than a bag of hammers, and don’t even realize that they are calling for everything they are supposedly against.
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