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  1. #1 Sorority charged with ‘hazing’ for requiring members to study 25 hours per week 
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    A Latina sorority at the University of Virginia is suing the school after it was punished last year for allegedly “hazing” its members.

    What exactly did Sigma Lambda Upsilon do that was considered “recklessly and intentionally endangering the health or safety” of its sisters? Requiring members to study for 25 hours per week.

    According to The Daily Progress, an SLU recruit had complained to a professor about the sorority’s mandate, and the prof then informed the UVa student affairs office and … the police.

    After an investigation, campus officials determined the studying requirement violated school hazing rules
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    Studying is hazing?

    Tell that to a black frat member and he will laugh his ass off. They hazed their pledges, frequently in public, when I was in college. Plus, they get branded when they get initiated, which is really warped, given the history of branding people in this country.
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