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    Quote Originally Posted by SVPete View Post
    A Prog FB Friend who HATES Trump posted that if Trump wanted a wall Trump should pay for it. I responded by asking why Trump should pay for what Congress authorized in 2006. And pointed out that Chuckles, Hillary, DiFei, Bouncer, and Obama all voted for it. I was "nice" though. I posted the url for the roll call vote rather than letting some hasty Prog challenge my claim.
    Tell your FB friend that if he wants illegal aliens in this Country, he should pay for them himself as well as assume liability for any crimes their "guests" commit

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    Oh, my, Part 1.

    Oh, my, Part 2.

    That was in 2013, so Hillary and OhBummer! didn't vote on the bill. Not sure it became law, but it establishes that Ds supported securing the border, including a "fence", in a 2013 vote.

    Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act - (Sec. 2) States that passage of this Act recognizes that the primary tenets of its success depend on securing U.S. sovereignty and establishing a coherent and just system for integrating those who seek to join American society.

    (Sec. 3) Prohibits the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) (Secretary) from processing applications for registered provisional immigrant status (RPI), as established by this Act, until the Secretary has submitted to Congress the notice of commencement of implementation of the Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy and the Southern Border Fencing Strategy.

    Prohibits the Secretary from adjusting RPI aliens to lawful permanent resident status, with certain exceptions, until six months after the Secretary certifies to the President and Congress that: (1) the Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy submitted to Congress includes the minimum technological requirements specified in this Act and is deployed and operational; (2) the Southern Border Fencing Strategy has been submitted to Congress and implemented, as a result of which the Secretary will certify that there is in place no fewer than 700 miles of pedestrian fencing which will include replacement of all existing vehicle fencing on non-tribal lands on the Southern Border with pedestrian fencing where possible, and after this has been accomplished may include a second layer of pedestrian fencing in those locations along such border which the Secretary deems necessary or appropriate; (3) a mandatory employment verification system to be used by all employers to prevent unauthorized workers from obtaining U.S. employment has been implemented, (4) the mandatory exit data system established by this Act is in use at all international air and sea ports of entry within the United States where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers are currently deployed; and (5) at least 38,405 trained full-time active duty U.S. Border Patrol agents are deployed, stationed, and maintained along the Southern Border.

    Authorizes the Secretary to waive legal requirements necessary to ensure construction of the physical infrastructure pursuant to this section. Grants U.S. district courts exclusive jurisdiction to hear claims (which may only be brought on constitutional grounds) arising from any such action.
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