My work is run by schedules...usually somebody else's, and I just have to follow it. But court is a lot like the military...hurry up and wait.

I seem to have an internal clock that insists I be on a schedule, even when not working. Like Ginger, I'm terribly lazy if left to my own devices. If I don't go into the office by 9:30 on a weekend, I feel like a lazy slug.

As for vacations, that's all me time...and the better to get the most out of it by scheduling. I get up earlier on vacation than I do in my normal life. I don't want to waste the time that I have by sleeping in during vacation. Everyone makes fun of how much planning I do for a vacation. If it is a place where there are "must sees", then they are placed on the itinerary. If I don't get to a must see that has gone on my itinerary, then I feel like I have failed in my vacation in some way. I tend to not take a lot of vacation time from work (this year was an aberration, with about 2 1/2 weeks total taken off) so I try to fit in everything I can if I'm going to someplace I've never been. It can drive my friends crazy if they're on vacation with me. I always remind them that they had input into the itinerary before we left. Once we arrive, we follow the itinerary! :D