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  1. #1 Nancy Pelosiís solution for the border crisis 
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    Nancy Pelosiís solution for the border crisis is to repair border roads so that itís easier for immigrants to enter the United States. Seriously. Needless to say the Democrats are not taking this seriously.
    Video at link.
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  2. #2 Nancy Pelosiís solution for the border crisis 
    The break-up of the USA wonít come soon enough. People like her and the rest who follow this illogical and irrational thought process are utterly ridiculous and demonstrate the lunacy associated with leftists ideology.

    She doesnít give a damn about our country. Itís about power and control. If attaining power and control means destroying the USA, so be it.

    At some point in the future, I see another armed conflict to get this matter settled. The left and right coast leftists are determined to ruin the country. Look at CA. I donít need to say much more on the topic.

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    Seriously? Nancy ‘No Wall’ Pelosi Actually Has a Moat Behind The Wall That Protects Her Property

    Nancy Pelosi lives behind a border wall, but she doesn’t think the country should live behind one.

    The House Minority Leader, who is facing a growing backlash from her own side, tweeted on Monday that Americans reject Trump “immoral and hateful obsession with building a wall on the border.”

    The graphic accompanying her tweet called the wall a “symbol of hate.”

    But what is the massive stone wall surrounding Pelosi’s property in Napa Valley a symbol of?

    Pelosi and her husband Paul own a vineyard on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena, California.

    In an earlier article The American Mirror reported:

    A fence within a wall and a “moat” protect Nancy Pelosi from the unwashed masses who would like a taste of her vineyard life.
    I wonder if there are alligators in the moat ?

    Snopes Claims the article is false. However, Snopes used a picture of her house in San Francisco not the one referred to in St. Helena which is about 60 miles from San Francisco I think.

    Wall defined:

    a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or DIVIDES AN AREA OF LAND.

    Syn. BARRIER.

    Barrier defined

    a fence or other obstacle that PREVENTS MOVEMENT OR ACCESS.


    The American Mirror article
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    Border roads are immoral and ineffective

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    Please keep this in mind when musing over Nancy Palsy's words, she is senile and delusional.
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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    Her tongue is bruised from sucking those false teeth so much, but seriously she is what causes civil wars, not elected by millions but a mere handful in her home district, acts like she was elected president.
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    How long before Nutzi cries... No mas ? ...
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    I doubt anyone is surprised.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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