MSNBC 2019: There’s No Border Crisis | MSNBC 2017: One of Most Serious Crisis in America Is Drugs Smuggled over Border

A major frustration among Americans is that the once-trusted news media seems to have entered the propaganda business. It used to be that reporters, well, reported facts without the spin.

These days, however, it’s tough to tell the difference between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party’s communications wing. This is perfectly illustrated by “news” coverage of the border, and the issues that are connected to it.

Case in point: Back in August 2017, MSNBC ran an in-depth report acknowledging that deadly drugs likes fentanyl were pouring across the southern border, and admitting that it was a crisis.

Calling the flood of opioids a “national emergency,” MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff spent close to 10 minutes digging into the problem.

“This draft report that you issued … recommends that Trump declare a national emergency,” Soboroff confirmed to former Democrat Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who agreed