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  1. #1 Seeing very little RW reaction yet on Twitter to NYT bombshell on FBI investigating T 
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    highplainsdem (18,330 posts)

    Seeing very little RW reaction yet on Twitter to NYT bombshell on FBI investigating Trump - UPDATING

    They must be unsure how to react to it.

    Editing to add that I'm posting GOP/RW reactions as I run across them, in replies below.
    Unsure how to 'react to it'? **Yawn**

    It's no surprise. It's just more evidence of The Black*ss, his Hillyb*tch and their evil corrupt minions taking revenge on President Trump for daring to win the election and interrupting their socialist, fascist like plans for Democrat control.

    They're all atwitter that there was an investigation. Not said is that evidently NOTHING was found or else given the Jack*sses hatred for President Trump it would have been leaked and President Trump would have been charged.

    jberryhill (54,144 posts)

    2. Their reaction is predictable

    “You see! The Deep State HAS been going after him!”
    It's the truth. Jack*sses can deny it but the truth wins out.

    Sarah Sanders points out the truth. Jack*sses response to truth is to become deaf, blind and dumb.

    highplainsdem (18,330 posts)

    6. Sarah Sanders' reaction tweeted by NBC WH correspondent:

    View image on Twitter
    Geoff Bennett @GeoffRBennett

    .@PressSec responds to @nytimes report that the FBI opened an inquiry into whether Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia:


    8:05 PM - Jan 11, 2019
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    doc03 (21,340 posts)

    13. They need to get their talking points from Faux nt
    LOL. The Jack*sses get their talking points from Piglosi and the DNC so OF COURSE they would think we must get 'talking points' from someone.

    Takket (7,578 posts)

    35. The handwriting is on the wall

    Realization must be setting in that they are fighting for a lost cause. Whether they believe any of it or not they surely must realize that drumpf is not going to survive this year.
    #1,256,245 THIS will bring Trump down!!11!!! We GOT HIM!!!1!!!

    mr_lebowski (5,233 posts)

    39. Gee, NYT soft-peddling the ACTUAL EVIDENCE against Trump like a MOFO ... which I expect by now ...

    It's mostly mealy-mouth crap, where the ONLY one making strong statements against Trump in the article ... is ... wait for it ... LISA PAGE!

    Notice how there's NO MENTION of all the things in the Steele Dossier that've proven true ... nope ... the WHOLE THING is still just 'unsubstantiated'.

    You know what, f*** this article, it's Right-Wing/Trump-Favoring bullshit if you ask me.

    Oh, and I'm damn close to saying FUCK the NYT at this point, frankly.
    It's mealy mouth crap because that's ALL they have. It's been over 2 years and Jack*ss Mueller has stuck his nose everywhere looking for 'collusion', 'obstruction', 'money laundering' and everything else under the sun to 'get Trump' and he's got NOTHING. If he did it would have come out by now. Oh his report will be worded as bad as he can make it with jack*ss talking points but that's the only thing he can do. There's more evidence and proofHillary should be in PRISON for her corruption and crimes than there is for President Trump.
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    You're not seeing any reaction because everybody sees-through the NYT creating a Fake History about Fake Investigations.

    It's an old Mongol trick.
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    So sorry DUmmies...

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Why bother responding to yet another nothing burger?
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    Dear DU;

    Sorry guys, but most people are not going to spaz out like you do over every little thing.

    You see grown ups don't spaz out, hide in corner and cry or scream that the other guy " cheated " when you lose.
    Grown ups learn from their mistakes, you never do.
    Grown ups don't think that all their ideas and motives are pure and they are paragons of virtue ; they know they're flawed and are willing to learn to be better.

    You see we learned how you Moonbats, Regressives, SJWs and NPCs think a long time ago, while you make up shit about others and convince yourself its the truth.

    So until you learn to be a better person, you'll be surprised by everyone and everything because it never matches up with the drama playing in your head.

    Love, Uncle Danny.
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    Wasn't this what Mueller was allegedly supposed to be investigating? Clearly, he found nothing in it or the NYTimes would have surely plastered it on every page. That's why there is no reaction. Old news. And irrelevant.

    Edited to add:

    For "rightwing" (i.e. normal) reaction go the the Gateway Pundit's rewriting of the NYTimes headline:

    HIGH TREASON: NY Times Reveals Formation of Active FBI Coup Against President Trump Based on Outlandish Rumors

    ...The New York Times admitted in their report that there is no evidence that the Trump campaign EVER had any contact with Russian government officials.

    The New York Times buried this nugget in the 9th paragraph in their sensational report....

    So what you have here DUmmies, is a partisan FBI that refused to indict Hillary Clinton for crimes that would have put a normal government worker in jail. Then, this FBI creates a "wrap-up smear", a smear in which they feed false information to the press, and then use that press report as the basis for a FISA warrant. The warrant is retroactive and covers the illegal spying they were already doing on Trump and his campaign. When Trump wins anyway, they use that same press report (which they instigated via leaks of false information) to investigate President Trump for Russian ties.

    In other words, DUmmies, it's a tissue of lies and has been so since the beginning. That is why we yawn at it. We are actually much better informed than you are about the sequence of events. This is old news and not surprising.

    Also, it is clear that this old news is coming out during a fight over the border. Once again, Carlos Slim's little rag is using a non story to attack Trump and try to weaken him after Chuck and Nancy's DISASTROUS appearance on Tuesday night.
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