Anytime the mainstream media comes out with some stupid deep state claims that end up meaning nothing the Democrat Propagadaists come out of the woodwork. This time was no different.

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Barack Obama Donald Trump is the suborned agent of a hostile foreign power

I know we all know that, but it's important to say out loud some times. It's important because it's the only way his actions as President make any sense at all.

Here's a little thought experiment I like to offer my friends who hesitate at the sentence in the title: forget Donald Trump. Forget the past two years. Imagine that the suborned agent of a hostile foreign power became President: what sorts of things might that agent do?

Every single aspect of his Presidency makes perfect sense when you put it in that perspective


How true..........of Obama.

l. First thing after being elected go on a world tour apologizing needlessly for so called US crimes against other countries. Then criticize and ignore our allies.
2. Tell Putin's emissary that you'll have "more flexibility" to do what he wants AFTER the election.
3. Sit back and let Russia take Crimea without lifting a hand, then let Putin take the lead in Syria. (With the justification of leading from behind - yea like lazily - or purposely - sitting on his behind and doing nothing.)
4. Facilitate an invasion of illegal immigrants - inviting them in, and telling them they can vote in the Presidential election.
5. Ignore ISIS, claim they are just the JV team. Bring the military home from Iraq without leaving anyone there to assist them with ISIS - thereby leaving a power vacuum for ISIS to exploit. Ignore the buildup of ISIS and then when he finally does something make it impossible for those who are fighting ISIS to be successful due to jack*ss rules of engagement.
6. Make an 'agreement' IN SECRET not involving congress with Iran, giving them billions of dollars for their 'agreement' not to pursue nuclear weapons for a short period of time - with NO WAY to confirm that they are abiding by it.
7. Giving 20% or our interest in URANIUM to RUSSIA, even though WE don't have enough Uranium for our medical and national security needs. Billy Boy and Hillyb*tches Foundation reaps millions from Russians and Billy Boy gets hundreds of thousands for a 30 minute "speech".
8. Ignore North Korea's buildup of nuclear weapons and the countries that are assisting them.

And that's off the top of my head...........and what is known.