A new report detailing the growing scourge of homelessness in Los Angeles indicates that while many in the media and coastal liberals mock the idea of a border wall for America, they are fine with using fences to maintain their bubbles and keep homeless people out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles office of Vice News is protected by a fence to keep out the homeless from building tent cities.

On Venice Boulevard in front of Vice Media’s offices, a chain-link fence was erected to prohibit tents from going up. Residents around Penmar Golf Course have started a GoFundMe page and have hit their goal of raising $80,000 to fill a pedestrian pathway with native plants and landscaping — a project being called the Frederick Avenue Pass-Through but whose real objective is to deter the large encampment that has ballooned there.

Despite their own use of a fence, Vice has repeatedly published articles mocking the idea of border security for the United States. A quick search on the Vice website found the following pieces: