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    I use a clean 1/2 gallon mason jar ( can use a one gallon jar if desired ). 4 or 5 Naval Oranges. Wash well. Cut off ends & cut into slices ( about 1/2 inch ). Into the jar, and cover with vodka ( maybe a quart of inexpensive vodka ). Let it sit for at least 4 or 5 weeks, or as long as 3 months. I add one or two tablespoons dried orange zest. Shake well, then I take a one inch clean maple dowel & crush the oranges gently; just to break them up a bit & release the juice. Every day or two, give the jar a shake & keep in a cool dark area ( room temp ). After the 4 or 5 weeks ( or longer ), I strain it off through a coffee filter & toss the orange peels & solids. Then prepare a simple sugar syrup. 2 cups sugar 1 1/2 cups water on medium heat ( keep an eye on it ) until the sugar completely dissolves, stir occasionally. Let cool & strain . Add to the orange - vodka liqueur. You can give the final product another straining. Keeps a good year or longer. ------------------------ All the ingredients can be adjusted to taste. I know people who have done this in a week or less, with good results. I just allow it to sit a bit longer.
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