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    Denver gun buy-back collects 15 weapons
    The Gun Buy-Back Turned Into a Gun Give-Back Event

    Organizers of a supposed gun buy-back had dozens of people lining up to turn in their weapons, although only 15 were collected today for the Denver Police Department to destroy and melt down.

    Held at New Covenant Christian Church in Denver to raise awareness about gun violence, the gun buy-back turned into a gun give-back event when the program could not afford to pay $50 as initially advertised.

    The Rev. Reginald Holmes, a pastor at the church, said about 40 people with a total of 120 guns showed up but were turned off to the idea of just donating their guns. "It's a tough economy, people want an incentive," Holmes said.

    Denver Million Family March Organization leader Alvertis Simmons said a lack of response and support from the community has been an "appalling silence." "It's not always about the money. I asked people to come, to care about safety, to care about the community," Simmons said. "We did this to make a statement against gun violence."

    The Rev. Holmes said the politics surrounding gun control was likely a factor for the absence, from lawmakers and the Broncos football team alike.

    "We are not talking about anybody's 2nd Amendment rights here, we are targeting illegal guns," Holmes said. "For those who have been directly affected by gun violence, like the Denver Broncos, they should come do something." He referred to the New Year's Day 2007 shooting of Broncos player Darrent Williams.

    Tony Veasley of Aurora came to drop off a 9 mm handgun he said he found on his driveway about two weeks ago.

    "I'm rich at heart. The money is not important, it can't save a life," Veasley said. "We need to save these kids and get these guns off the streets. It's real out here."

    The Rev. Holmes also called the day ironic, citing several recent shootings, including one that occurred earlier in the morning at Vinyl nightclub about 4 miles away.

    "We just can't keep going to sleep at night and pretend it didn't happen," he said. "God's sending us a message, and that is to do something about gun violence."
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    God is sending us the message to avoid drunken antics at clubs. Wait! He didn't send that message via the Denver police - it was actually in the Bible. Probably right alongside don't get stupid drunk, don't get jealous over loose women, and get a job and a family so you don't have time to go bars.
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    What is being done about gun violence is that Castle Doctrine Laws are being implemented in states and homeowners, business owners and citizens minding their own business in their cars are capping the asses of burglars, robbers and car jackers. Once an ass gets capped, it is out of the game for a while or forever if capped right. That has done more for reducing crime than any stupid, fucking gun buy back.

    Here is an idea for an incentive, when police show up after you shoot someone illegally in your house, the police show up and file police report. If the perp is dead you get a voucher for $500. If the perp is shot and alive you get $250 when he is hauled to the hospital. You get another $250 if he dies. If you happen to shoot more than one you get the same amount for each unless one is dead and one is not.

    That would do alot to drop the crime rate because everytime they went into a house, there would be a possibility that someone would be looking to collect on them. There would be no wounded in my my house. Not when dead meant an extra $250. If I shot you for $250 already, why not finish the job for $500?

    Professional criminals could have a price on their head already and this would go on top of the typical $500 bounty. The ones with bounties on their head already could be taken anywhere. Their rights only apply when dealing with municipal, county, state and federal officials. A bounty hunter could lay in wait and snipe them with no worry about having any criminal charges against him. If need be, private parties could apply to place a bounty on an individual criminal themselves and once accepted it would be official. Let the criminals be hunted see if they come out into the light after a few start getting nailed.
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