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  1. #1 San Diego Restaurants Serve “Dining Surcharge” After Minimum Wage Hikes 
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    Legal Insurrection has often chronicled the unintended consequences of minimum wage hikes across the country, from worker struggles in Seattle, automation replacing service personnel, the closing of a popular eatery in New York, and the loss of jobs at UC Berkeley.

    Now, in my home town of San Diego, diners are being served-up a surprise along with their bills as a result of voters approving a minimum wage hike in last June: A dining surcharge.

    Girding for the second minimum wage hike in six months and the fourth in 2-˝ years, many of San Diego’s full-service restaurants are introducing for the first time an average surcharge of 3 percent of the meal’s cost to help cover increased labor expenses that some operators say amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single year.

    …Hoping to preserve what restaurateurs insist are already thin profit margins, owners say they’ve tried trimming expenses and cutting hours, as well as raising prices. They ultimately concluded that the dining public would better tolerate a charge at the end of the bill than continued price hikes on the menu
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    How about cooking at home, this stuff would cease in a very short time once those businesses are forced to close their doors, eventually you would see a state wide uprising that would kick those idiot communist out of office. You get what you vote for in Commiefornia
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