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Burn After Reading Trailer (HD)
I rented this earlier in the week and was quite disappointed in it. I liked some of the earlier Coen brothers films like Blood Simple, Miller's Crossing and especially Raising Arizona, (one of the best films ever, IMHO).

Fargo was somewhat strange (especially the wood chipper scene), I fell asleep during "O Brother" and The Big Lebowski was The Big Letdown, in my opinion.

Burn After Reading is just too saturated with liberal idiots for my taste. Not only are they liberal idiots in real life (especially Clooney), but the IQs of the characters in this flick wouldn't add up to 60. Pitt plays an exceptionally clueless idiot, as does McDormand. I saw very little to laugh about, but I think it was meant to be funny. I haven't seen "No Country For Old Men" yet, but with this downward-spiralling trend of Coen brothers flicks, I don't think I'll be seeing it for a while.