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  1. #1 Australian Government Passes Contentious Encryption Law 
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    The Australian Parliament passed a contentious encryption bill on Thursday to require technology companies to provide law enforcement and security agencies with access to encrypted communications.

    Yes, some variety of this law is needed but this is overreacting and will cost the Aussie economy significantly.

    From another article behind a paywall:

    Sarah Moran, chief executive of Girl Geek Academy, which teaches young women to code, said she had planned to begin tech startups in Australia until the law passed.

    “I was looking to found two tech companies, but why would you build tech here now?” she asked. “I don’t think the government understands how drastically it impacts not just the tech that’s built here but also the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial investment that Australians will be willing to make.”

    Moran, who is based in Melbourne, said she was questioning even the program she currently runs.

    “Why would I tell young girls to go build tech here if there’s not going to be any tech industry?” she asked.

    Casey Ellis, 37, was raised in Sydney but lives in San Francisco, where he runs a cybersecurity firm called Bugcrowd.

    He already has heard about companies that have become wary of hiring Australian firms, he said.

    “People are factoring it in as a risk when you’re looking at hiring an Australian now,” Ellis said. “It’s causing a chilling effect around Australian companies.”
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    Australia is now about as liberal as San Francisco, nothing is shocking coming from them. Luckily here in the USA they will have to figure out how to get rid of over a hundred million Free Americans who will say NO to too much criminal behavior by short term elected morons.
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