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  1. #1 Texas A&M English prof candidates better have a 'feminist' or 'queer' 'agenda' 
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    Texas A&M University-Commerce is seeking a new assistant English professor, preferably one versed in topics such as social justice or “queer” and “decolonial” “rhetorics.”

    The job listing reads like that of a typical tenure track English professor opening but specifies that the ideal candidate’s background would include an “active research agenda” in one of a number of specified categories. Aside from “community writing,” and “public rhetoric,” the desired topics are largely focused on writing through social justice or identity politics-themed lenses.

    In addition to researchers of “writing in social justice,” the listing also calls for applicants with a background in “feminist,” “latinx,” “(trans)gender,” “decolonial,” “transnational,” or “queer” “cultural rhetorics.”

    The proposed minimum annual salary for the selected candidate, who will start in August 2019, will be $66,666.60.
    Interesting salary numbers
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    I guess literacy and the ability to teach literacy is not required.

    The starting salary of $66, 666.60 is kind of hilarious in many ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post

    The starting salary of $66, 666.60 is kind of hilarious in many ways.
    Yup, very apropos.

    Further in the article...

    In response to being asked if an applicant with more traditional rather than progressive values would qualify for such a position, such as a person whose personal convictions prevented him or her from being a “queer” advocate, Carson replied “we ask that our employees facilitate a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and the ability to engage other cultures or backgrounds. The university is committed to equal opportunity for all.”

    Legalese for no, traditional values need not apply, but if we come out and say that, we will get sued.

    Bring over some of the peaceful Muslims who were dropping gay people off roofs a few years ago and give them an application. Listen to heads pop as paradigms shift without a clutch.....
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