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    Cajun & Pennsylvania Dutch. When I was still in the Navy, a friend and I went from Florida to Louisiana, to visit his family. Really out in the sticks - bayou country, and very isolated. The grandparents spoke a Cajun dialect. The parents spoke both English & Cajun. The food was to die for. I was afraid to sit at the table; because when I did, food immediately appeared in front of me. I must have gained 14 or 15 pounds in four or five days. Some of the most hospitable people I have ever encountered in my entire life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, PA Dutch. Some of the richest food in the country; and without a doubt, the cleanest kitchens. My grandmother ( PA Dutch ); and the home made egg noodles & pot pie were sinful. The hot bacon & egg salad dressing is just unique, and once you try it, you are hooked for life.Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing Recipe - Genius Kitchen
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