I will not be around tomorrow but I don't want to shirk my responsibility to put up the Friday day thread.

So you get it a few hours early. Deal with it (I'm talking to you, Shannon. ;) ).

Weather in Phoenix will be warm. About 100 degrees for the high.

Tomorrow night I'm going out with a friend. We'll grab dinner at the In 'n' Out Burger (been craving a cheeseburger for WEEKS) and then we'll go see The Strangers. Can't wait to get the **** scared out of me.

TOTD #1: Where is JB? Is he here but under a different name?

TOTD #2: If you could have one "special power," what would it be?

I have always wanted to be invisible. Then I could go up to someone I dislike and shove them and they wouldn't have a clue who did it.

I could also be in a room I wouldn't normally have access to and listen to interesting conversations.