It's been a hard year for Berlin Zoo Director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz. First, he was accused of selling and mistreating animals. Then, he admitted he had killed cats with his bare hands. Now he let wolves rip a goat to shreds in front of zoo visitors.

At the Berlin Zoo, it's a short distance between the petting zoo and the wolves' habitat. But it can apparently also be the distance between being lovingly caressed by children and being dismembered by bloodthirsty predators.

Crowds at the zoo were shocked Thursday as they watched wolves savagely jostle each other to get their piece of a recently killed goat.

The feeding of zoo animals to other creatures in the parks is an accepted practice in the European Union. And like those animals, this goat had already been killed before being placed in the wolves' habitat.

The visitors seem to have got closer to nature than they intended.