Students at the University of Colorado-Boulder will be charged for a special assessment that gauges their “intercultural competence.”

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change at CU-Boulder charges students $11 to discover where they fall on something called the “Intercultural Development Continuum,” a tool used to measure “orientations toward cultural difference and commonality.”

Student loan debt is now the second highest debt form that Americans hold, second only to mortgages, Forbes reported.

CU-Boulder facilitates the process of determining the students’ “Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI),” a process that the university explains is meant to “assess where people are in the development of intercultural competence and to provide a roadmap for increasing those competencies.” According to the university's website, the IDI student rate is $11, "which your department or student group will provide." The university says if groups are in need of funding, it will be provided "on a case-by-case basis."