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    Feel free to contribute. 100 W in a thumb-sized motor, thanks to 1 million rpm. From Celeroton you find a new generation of electric motors.

    Our motors are designed with the smallest volume and weight, thanks to high rotational speeds. A special rotor construction allows highest loads/stresses and makes the ultra-high speeds possible. The optimal stator winding and high frequency laminated yoke complete the motor. Our own, continuously improving motor design and optimization tool ensures the highest levels of efficiency. Despite the high speeds our motors often reach efficiency levels higher than in comparable low frequency motors. The amount of heat generated in the rotor and stator is extremely low. Depending on the application and the environmental conditions the motors can be equipped with either ball bearings or Celeroton's proprietary magnetic bearing technology. Apparently the highest rpm motors; but not the highest rpm man made product. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On 28 August 2013, scientists at the University of St Andrews (UK) published results of their research, which created the fastest rotating manmade object to date. The team created a tiny sphere of calcium just 4 micrometres across, around 10 times narrower than a human hair. Suspending the sphere with laser light inside a vacuum, they made the sphere spin by altering the polarity of the light. The calcium sphere reached 600 million revolutions per minute (RPM) before it disintegrated.
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