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  1. #1 Notre Dame professors claim pro-life movement has white supremacy agenda. 
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    During a panel discussion at Notre Dame, college professors claimed the pro-life movement is a scheme to make sure the U.S. remains a white-majority nation.

    What groups held the discussion?

    The event, called "Reversing Roe," was hosted by the Notre Dame Gender Studies Department, the St. Mary's College Gender Studies Department and the nonprofit organization Irish 4 Reproductive Health, according to The Irish Rover, Notre Dame's student newspaper.

    Dianne Pinderhughes, a professor of Africana studies and political science, said the pro-life moment is designed to make sure the country stays "predominantly, overwhelmingly white," the newspaper reported.
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    Is that why PP disproportionately locates its abortuaries in majority black neighborhoods?

    Is that why black babies are aborted significantly out of proportion to the percentage of blacks in the US population?

    That female should be fired for stupidity. As well as for attacking Catholics being faithful to the Catholic Church's teachings. Not that I think Notre Dame or US Catholic leadership would do such a thing, sadly.
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    Even though I am from the South, I was also a Notre Dame fan. Looks like they've gone the way of all the rest of "higher education" aka socialist reeducation camps in this country. Sad.
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    Whereas Planned Parenthood was formed to do what to the African American community?

    further down in the article we get some good insight into this moonbat's tiny mind.


    According to the report, Graubart responded by asking her to define what is a "child." She also said she doesn't believe in the concept of a soul and referred to an unborn child as a "clump of cells."

    "Well, I think one part of it is: when do you define something as a child?" Graubart said. "I think having borne a child, I can tell you that I don't think that I had a child [in my womb]. I mean I had a potential child inside me for a number of months, which then developed into a child. I don't believe in the soul, so that's not an interesting argument to me, so I think that because science isn't going to tell us when that clump of cells goes to being a child, that that should then be between you and your doctor to make that decision rather than the government."
    I cannot fathom having that level of disconnect.
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