So. I watched the State of the Union last week. That was one of the best SOTU I have seen in my lifetime, and I'm an old-ish man now. Of course, the SJWs thought it was awful. These libs have the dumbest ideas for why they hate our President.

Case in point: Here in Houston we have a huge indian immigrant population. I work with a lot of these people at the company I'm at. All these indian guys today were trashing the State of the Union. Made my blood boil so I asked them why. All their talking points basically boiled down to this - "We hate white men." Of course they didn't say it in those words but it was clear as day.
Then one of the indian ladies quietly told me indian guys are just mad because Trump used to bang some indian supermodel named Aishwarya Rai that all these guys are sprung on and they can't get over it. Fucking pathetic. Always an agenda with these people with no actual thought or intelligence.

On another note, I looked up Aishwarya Rai. Whew! Good work Mr. President! Lucky bastard lol
Sorry Indian Libtard SJWs! Your number 1 lady is a MAGA gal and she was enjoyed first by a WHITE MAN who just happens to be our POTUS! Deal with it hehehe #MAGA