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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    Good price for used glock at gun store?

    My wife and I went to the gun store yesterday, looking to buy our first pistol together. I'm dead set on the Glock 19 for its simplicity and low recoil. I originally wanted a new one but they cost $600 (he was going down when I talked to him more) Then I saw a used one for $395 that looked to be in excellent shape. It still had copper on the rails, whatever that means. It comes with a standard cap mag and a case. Would I be stupid to pass this one up? With the money I save we would get more rounds to practice with. BTW I already have 3 hi-cap mags for it. Any suggestions or advise?
    Be very careful with Glocks. I had a Glock 17 and I accidentally discharged it. The no safety thing is a bit worrisome. I just picked up a Taurus PT145 at a gun show over the weekend and I absolutely love it. Small in size, fits in your pocket, but holds 10 .45 ACP rounds. Don't get me wrong Glocks are good guns, but they are very unforgiving. The price on the one you're looking at is a really good price. I like .45s The rounds are slow moving compared to the 9mms but they pack a heck of a punch. 9mms tend to pass through the target and it takes multiple shots to bring someone down. .45 hollow points do extreme damage on impact.
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    I've had a Glock 23 for several years and really like it. Sort of like Toyota's. Take care of them and they run forever. :)
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