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  1. #1 Covington student who is suing WaPo/CNN for defamation is all about #MAGA life in cou 
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    Covington student who is suing WaPo/CNN for defamation is all about #MAGA life in court filings

    I think it will certainly include what judge he has also.

    The Covington student who is suing WaPo and CNN for defamation is all about that #MAGA life in his court filings.

    The Legal Argument in Nicholas Sandmann’s Defamation Lawsuits Is Basically “MAGA”

    By Mark Joseph Stern
    March 13, 20195:56 PM

    Nicholas Sandmann, 16, a student from Covington Catholic High School stands in front of Native American activist Nathan Phillips near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Jan. 18.

    Nicholas Sandmann, the high school student at the center of the viral Lincoln Memorial confrontation in January, wants to “punish” CNN and the Washington Post for attempting to “assassinate” his character. He wants to teach the Post “a lesson it will never forget” and halt CNN’s “biased agenda against President Trump” and his supporters. In the process, Sandmann wishes to collect more than a half-billion dollars from the two outlets. The media targeted him because he was a “white, Catholic student who was wearing a MAGA cap,” Sandmann believes. Only $525 million in damages will fully compensate him and deter these “bullies” from “again bullying other children.”

    This argument, laid out in Sandmann’s two lawsuits against CNN (filed on Tuesday) and the Washington Post (filed in February), is one part legal theory, two parts political screed. Sandmann’s lawyer, famed libel attorney L. Lin Wood, knows that these suits are a long shot: The First Amendment protects the press’ right to report on a national controversy without a full grasp on the facts, and to provide commentary that ultimately proves inaccurate. Wood’s defamation lawsuits are designed to scare CNN and the Post, to chill their future criticisms of “individuals perceived to be supporters of the President.” His crusade is just another skirmish in President Donald Trump’s attack on “fake news.”

    Like most mainstream media outlets, CNN and the Washington Post provided an incomplete and unduly harsh description of the January encounter between Sandmann and Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist. On the basis of a viral Twitter video, reporters at these companies alleged that Sandmann, a 16-year-old March for Life participant wearing a MAGA hat, attempted to “harass,” “accost,” or “mock” Phillips. Commentators on CNN condemned Sandmann as racist and aggressive toward Phillips. Articles in the Post alleged that he threatened and intimidated the activist. .................................................. .................................................. ...

    There is still a slim but real possibility that Sandmann will persuade the courts that the Constitution does not shield CNN and the Post from his lawsuit. He may then convince a jury to slap both outlets with crippling damages. If so, expect a court to substantially lower those damages, since Sandmann cannot possibly prove that $525 million is an appropriate award. If the student wins, Trump will declare victory, and Sandmann’s fiercest defenders will feel vindicated. The press, meanwhile, may hesitate before jumping into the next public debate spurred by a seemingly outrageous video. Whether you think that’s a threat to free expression or a necessary safeguard against bias will probably depend on how you feel about Nicholas Sandmann.

    The left makes it clear that they think it's OK to harrass and defame someone simply for wearing a MAGA hat or indicating they support President Trump. They are fascists and are all about shutting down their opposition no matter what they have to do to do so.

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    1. When all the videos have been shown, asshat will lose and bigly.

    These rich jerks think they can terrify the pess and courts into compliance with their campaign of hate and destruction of the working class. Nothing wrong was done to this MAGAT, he did the harassing himself. He and his rich bitch mom and him can STUFU, after paying really heavy attorney costs for their idiocy of course.
    It's time the press is called out and be made to pay for their constant lies about conservatives.
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    Good luck, DUmmies. Watching everything blowing up your faces is truly a sight to behold.
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    Looks like those assholes at DU haven't watched the whole video YET.

    Anyone watching the whole video knows that the kid has a powerful case, the jerkazoids at DU still haven't seen the whole thing and I doubt they ever will because the whole video doesn't play into their bubble headed narrative.

    I hope they sue the jerkazoids at DU ( $kinner and the members ) because every time Nick Sandmann or Covington comes up these assholes just keep digging the hole deeper.
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    Having political views cannot justify slander.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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