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  1. #1 Amazon could soon force you to go on a diet, according to one futurist 
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    In 2029, there’s a good chance you’ll be living in a Google, an Amazon, or an Apple home–you and all of your data, biometric and otherwise. Adding smart devices to your house may have started as a way to make your life and your energy use a little more efficient. But 10 years from now, it may blossom into a full-scale operating system that has automated your life in ways you don’t fully understand.

    What might that look like? “The microwave decides you should be on a diet and won’t let you eat popcorn,” says Amy Webb, a professor of strategic foresight at the NYU Stern School of Business and the founder of the consulting firm Future Today Institute. “The washer decides you can get another day out of those jeans. Your garage decides you should walk to work.”

    Webb, who authors a report called Emerging Tech Trends every year, believes that a series of trends are converging on a vaguely dystopian scenario: “Your smart home is a smart prison and there is no escape,” she described at the South by South West conference in Austin earlier this month. “You can unplug your microwave, but you can’t unplug your whole family from the system.” That means that your life will become even more dependent on a large tech company–so much so that you won’t be able to escape the operating system that you’re living inside.

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    I can absolutely see it happening. A little convenience here, a little bit more there, and next thing you know, a Google branded Rosie the Robot Maid is putting more kale on the shopping list because your physical results were uploaded from the doctor and if that BP doesn't come down, it's medication time. The Internet Of Things we are getting more and more dependent on for so much is black box technology to so many people now, and observation tells me that is not going to get any better. Too many people just want their music anywhere they go, or to answer the door when they aren't home with no concern about how the systems work.

    I also see a lack of middle ground coming. One will have to go full bore Amish to avoid the prison, or be fully immersed. Service providers (cell phone, internet, even utilities) will phase out less observant technology, and also become more dependent on the data they are collecting to run their own services. Right now we still have options, like not buying smart thermostats and Alexas, but an awful lot of smart meters are being installed on houses, whether requested or not.

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    How would this happen if you live in a tent by the nearest river. I saw last night where it now takes over 3000 a month in NY to pay monthly rent, what do people do now to make that kind of money, they sure as hell aren't flipping burgers or throwing news papers. Is everyone in NY taking home 5 grand a month ? I seriously doubt the truthfulness of that report since most people with common sense wouldn't live there for as long as it took to rent a U Haul and get to hell out.
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