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  1. #1 German Lawmake, Calls for Expulsion of U.S. Ambassador 
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    A top German opposition parliamentarian accused U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell of “interfering” in German affairs and advocated for his expulsion from the country after the American diplomat charged that Berlin’s new budget failed to meet NATO military spending requirements.

    Deutsche Welle reported that Wolfgang Kubicki, a deputy speaker in the Bundestag and vice chairman of the liberal Free Democrats Party, urged Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to punish Grenell for “interfering” in German politics by declaring him a persona non grata.

    "Any U.S. diplomat who acts like a high commissioner of an occupying power must learn that our tolerance also knows its limits,” he declared
    I hope Trump has enough guts to pull additional money from NATO equal to what Germany was supposed to pay.
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    We should have destroyed them at the end of WWII wait we did!

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