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    This has been one of those days not going as planned. I'm supposed to be using this time to get stuff ready for the accountant for our income tax. Instead sitting at the computer, watching out the window at the local wildlife. There are two deer in the clump of wild honeysuckle on the edge of our yard. They've been resting in the thicket for some time. I love seeing them.

    Then we have our feral black cat adventure. We've had one poor black cat that someone probably dumped for over 4 years periodically going through our yard, sometimes through our fence and onto the patio. Now there are 2 black cats, one with white paws. This am one of them was trailing the other, almost like mini black panthers. Then slowly the one turned around and ever so carefully approached the other. They'd go x number of feet, then stop. Finally they lay next to each other, cuddling. It was interesting to watch. Now one has gone into the thicket directly behind our house.

    This is what happens when you're retired---maybe too much time on my hands.

    For years I did animal behavior studies at the St Louis Zoo. This isn't exactly like keeping track of elephant or chimp behaviors, but it's interesting for a backyard spectacle. So glad that we didn't fence our whole backyard, but left room for the wildlife trail in the back.

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    Lock & Load baby!!! LOL!!!
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