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  1. #1 UNG 'safe zone training': 'Avoid saying mailman' 
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    Students received a “gender unicorn” and “LGBTQ-Inclusive Language” at a University of North Georgia "safe zone training" on Tuesday.

    The school invited students to a “university-wide training program committed to making the University of North Georgia a safer, more inclusive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community” earlier in March, according to an email obtained by Campus Reform. The email went on to describe the March 22 through April 3 trainings as opportunities for students to “examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege.”

    Campus Reform attended one of the training sessions held on March 26 on the UNG-Dahlonega campus.

    During the training, attendees were given handouts that featured a “Gender Unicorn,” which was used to differentiate one’s “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “sex assigned at birth,” and how they were “physically” and “emotionally attracted.” All categories had an “other” option.
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    A gender unicorn? Is that a thing now?

    LOL about the mailman thing. In a safe zone in the sense of dealing with an active shooter situation, the mailman is the first person I'm looking to avoid if he's on the scene. But they meant it as a different kind of safe zone.
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