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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranb View Post

    Skepticism is normally a good thing; but it's best to back it up with actual evidence even if you hope a group you hate is responsible for something.

    It's nice that Smith and Cavuto are unwilling to be pimps for the attention whores that are interviewed on their program.
    Philippe Karsenty, Cavuto's guest, was out of line for outright labeling it a terrorist act.

    Shep Smith was out of line as his guest only cited possibilities consistent with recent events in France. At this point in time, accident is also no more than a possibility.
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    Getting there slowly:
    Francois-Henri Pinault pledged 100 million euros (about $113 million) and another 200 million euros ($226 million) was promised by Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
    He also The LVMH Group at the disposal of the state and the relevant authorities including all of its teams — creative, architectural and financial specialists — to help with reconstruction and fund-raising.
    The French cosmetics company L’Oreal owners, the Bettencourt family, have pledged to 200 million euros. Another major French corporation, the oil company Total, has committed to donating 100 million euros.
    Add to that the French casinos and Societe Generate bank, plus 50 million euros from the city of Paris itself. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the tech company would be donating.
    One early estimate indicated that the cost of rebuilding the project will run about $8 billion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    I suspect that if it is determined that it was arson and that Muslim involvement is indicated then France and the European Union will do everything possible to cover up that information. Using the MSM's current response to the incident and it's refusal to allow any speculation of this nature I believe they will abet the EU in hiding information.
    SR mentioned that on the Neil Cavuto show yesterday a guest started talking about all the fires set in French churches and he was promptly quieted by Cavuto, who basically said that he wanted none of that.

    I read Gatestone most days, and there seems to always be articles about the persecution of Christians, the atrocities committed by the "immigrants" in Europe and particularly about the cover-up by the European countries.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was a "convenient" fire, but don't expect to ever be told the truth. It would be more comforting to believe that it was an accident.

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