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  1. #1 NBC’s take on immigrants: needed them to keep Soc Sec and Medicare solvent 
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    Tweets posted by several white liberals on Tuesday, including one who works for NBC, appear to indicate that they believe immigrants are needed to fund their future Social Security checks.

    “A generation of aging whites is literally trying to block the young immigrants needed to pay their Medicare & Social Security,” NBC News reporter Heidi Przybyla tweeted Tuesday morning.

    Attached to the tweet was another tweet in which she’d shared a story from The New York Times about America’s “aging population and declining birthrate among the native-born population.”

    The Times’ thesis is that America needs more immigrants to alleviate its declining labor force and pay into and ultimately fill up the coffers of its soon-to-be-depleted Social Security fund.

    The piece was posted in response to President Donald Trump urging illegal aliens to return home because the United States is full. While the president had been speaking about illegal aliens, the Times falsely reported that the president had been referencing all immigrants.
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    This is the same shit the Liberals tried in Europe by inviting a mass amount of people from the Middle East to move in.

    Now they got these same people sitting on their ass, collecting welfare , creating NO GO Zones and telling the Europeans what to do and how to live.

    So Left wing jerkazoids in this country want to do the same thing. These are same assholes who say socialism will work and no matter how many times its tried, failed and causes the deaths of millions they still keep going back to it. Even thou they see what happened in Western Europe, they still want flood the country with immigrants ( mostly illegal ).

    It was suppose to be about this time the Baby Boomers would be decreasing in population and we should be going back to a Pre- WW2 size population ( about 180-200 million ). That would mean that it would be good for the environment , the economy, resources and the national debt. But a bunch of dumbasses had screw that up because they're too stupid to see more then 15 minutes into the future and at least one of them said " Who's going to mow my yard if I don't reproduce? ".
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    how about we stop giving any public assistance aid (welfare, education, medical treatment) to illegal aliens, freeing up billions of dollars that can be put back into the social Security system to ensure the money will be there for legal Citizens who have paid into it. As an added bonus, if illegal aliens no longer get any public assistance they won't be incentiveized to stay here and some will self deport. A twofer and a win for the American people.
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