"Oh No, Our Boy Fitzy made Illonois Political Officials Look Like a bunch Of Crooked Goons,well ?"Oh my,I almost forgot our own little Senator Dirty Harry Reid."

Illinois is the laughing stock of America and even the world, but you can’t say it just happened because of the scandal engulfing our governor, Rod Blagojevich.

It’s been that way for a long time. The difference is that today, many in Illinois politics, Republicans and Democrats, are exploiting it for their own selfish agendas. The people declaring that Illinois is the nation’s laughing stock the most are in fact politicians, elected and government officials from Illinois, all seeking some personal advantage in the Blagojevich scandal.

But the real challenge we face is not what the rest of America thinks of this state, but what we, as citizens of Illinois, think of what is taking place.

Here are some observations that we cannot ignore.

I have been a longtime admirer of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. But I have come to realize that maybe he has made a serious mistake in leadership. The fact is it is his failure to follow through with the “Rule of Law” in prosecuting Blagojevich that has put us in the midst we are in today.

Fitzgerald failed to do his job. Maybe he even played a little politics in jumping the gun with his charges against Blagojevich. He has some evidence – secret wire taps of Blagojevich’s private conversations which he has selectively released to make Blagojevich look guilty in the court of public opinion.

But Fitzgerald has not done his job. He should have kept his mouth shut and proven his case using the Rule of Law, completing his investigation by building facts not conjecture and assertions. He should have sought an indictment. He should have lined up all of the witnesses.


If not, then you owe it to the public to stand up and declare Burris properly vetted and a qualified candidate for the senate seat.

Until Blagojevich is convicted, he has the power and the right to make the appointment. The declarations by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will not seat Burris is an affront to Illinois’ interests. By what right does Reid have to prevent Burris from being seated?

Secretary of State Jesse White has also declared that he, too, will not certify a qualified and highly credentialed African American to assume that senate seat. On what right? The right of politics?

This is a real mess, Mr. Fitzgerald. And what it says if you did not do your job properly. Your decision to go public with your incriminating one-sided evidence can’t hold up in court and you even acknowledged that when you said you need more witnesses to prove your case.

Otherwise, you would have sought and won the indictment. Otherwise, you would be in court right now arguing the case against Blagojevich.

Blagojevich, instead, is now being prosecuted outside of the Rule of Law in a political kangaroo court filled by his politically motivated critics. And you are a partner in that effort, allowing biased evidence against Blagojevich to stand while denying Blagojevich’s attorney’s right to defend his client calling as witnesses in that kangaroo court Obama’s aides to testify.

When the Rule of Law is not good enough as the road map to prosecute alleged crimes for a federal attorney general and for a political lynch mob in Springfield, we don’t need people outside of Illinois to tell us this state is an international laughing stock.

I think we all already know that is in fact the truth. But it doesn’t just rest on the actions of our scandal-plagued governor who may or may not be guilty of the allegations against him.