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  1. #1 Pete Butthead Serious about Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change 
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    Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants the country to take climate change seriously, proposing a nationwide carbon tax to help reduce emissions.

    “We’re going to have to have a carbon tax,” he told voters in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday.

    He estimated that the federal government would have to spend as much as $10 billion to help develop solutions for climate change but said that the spending was worth it to prepare for a “multi-trillion dollar emergency.”

    Buttigieg acknowledged that taxes were not popular but proposed to offer immediate rebates to consumers to ease the burden.

    One idea he proposed was a taxpayer-funded “kit” to help make homes energy neutral.

    “Imagine if a household in Iowa got a kit or a voucher from Uncle Sam, to help make you personally use, specifically your home, net zero emissions,” he said.
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  2. #2 Pete Butthead Serious about Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change 
    Another politician pandering to the climate change religion. Only a naive and intellectually deficient person would fall for this scam.

    Climate computer modeling is not science. These do not follow the scientific method. Adjusting input variables every which way is not science. Variables should be predicated on field observations. Climate modeling has not been able to produce field results observations.

    Carbon taxes are a loser proposal. Take a look at what Washington State voters said about that, as well as, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick in Canada. Big losers. Pete B. is a loser and should realize pandering is not good politics IMHO.

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    I called them the carbon-barons back when.

    Who sets the price of carbon?

    Who set the price of lumber in 1805?

    It's the same setup.

    We'd create a new elite class of whiners taking revenge on working-people.
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    This is just a rehash of al gore's carbon credit scam. These ass holes forget that china, india and africa are giant polluters and making us do all this expensive stuff is a waste. not to mention the whole thing is a scam.
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    This is just a nice little fantasy that the liberal/climate liars have. Fight a "war" against something that doesn't exist then claim victory when nothing happens.
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    You might hate me for this,but i think there is climate change. I been noticing really weird weather that was never around back in the 80's or so. Like the east coast getting more snow then it used to and where i live seeming to get more storms and such
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