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  1. #1 English Hippies Want Local Wi-Fi Network Turned Off 
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    Turn off that Wi-Fi network it's disturbing our chakras.

    That's what many residents of Glastonbury, a lovely medieval town turned New Age hub in southwestern England, are demanding the local government do.

    Ever since the town's free municipal wireless broadband network went online in May, people have been complaining of, as an online petition puts it, "headaches, dizziness, nausea, severe tiredness, brain fog, disorientation and loss of appetite, loss of balance, inability to concentrate, loss of creativity" all ailments an examining physician would find it difficult to prove or disprove.

    "This place is not appropriate for a Wi-Fi trial," resident Linda Taylor tells the local Fosse Way magazine. "People are complaining of headaches, tingling skin among other symptoms. This makes me wonder what is it doing to the children."


    Looks like those symptoms coincide nicely with the effects of cannabis. :D
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    What they are thinking is BS. They are afraid of being spyed on.
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