Just making conversation about something not as sad as the current state of society and the world.

Fite TV is a website/app that has pro wrestling, boxing, MMA shows and events, and a good supply of free viewing. While I appreciate the sweet science, I never got into boxing, and prefer my violence over the top and well scripted, so not into MMA, but I'm digging the rasslin' available here. And it doesn't set off the firewall at work.

No WWE stuff, they have their own service, or NJPW but lots of indie and modern day territorial action. Ring of Honor has quite a bit up, but I haven't looked too deep into those yet. ROH seems to be the place folks go who don't want to be in the WWE for whatever reason, as opposed to TNA, where you go when you can't get into the WWE. TNA has lot of PPVs on Fite, but I'm not shelling out $40 for a show right now.

Major League Wresting looks pretty good, seems to have a deal with some of those floater stars that do TNA, New Japan and indy shows. Tommy Dreamer is on their posters, haven't found him in any events just yet. Decent production values, good mix of styles, some legacy wrestlers (a new Hart foundation with a distant relative of the famous Hart family, Flying Brian Pillman and The British Bulldog's sons) some lucha libres, some hardcore dudes, and a full blown "terrorist" stable, the CONTRA Unit. Looks like a weekly show up for free, with about 25 archived for viewing right now. I plan on digging through most of them as time allows.

Capitol Wresting is a slice of old-school, territory days goodness. i don't know if the less than stellar production values are intentional to help with that feel, or if they just can't afford good cameras and camera men, but that's not all bad. Some cheese in the their mix, but since WWE owns all the old WCCW, GCW, AWA, and NWA footage, I'll take it. Again, a good mix of styles, big dudes, little dudes, serious characters, not so serious characters. Capitol doesn't take itself too seriously, and seem to have a good little niche going.

The app and website are easier to navigate than Twitch, which Capitol uses, and the aforementioned Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore was using, and it's not Youtube, another plus.

Any one more knowledgeable of boxing and MMA, feel free to recommend real fighting on FITE, or check out and share opinions on the glorified stuntmen, or complain about how fake wrestling is.