I struggle reading fiction, and I've been on a history kick recently so I decided to pick up Mao: The Unknown Story the other day to learn more about frankly something I don't know much about.

I hear about Mao and the great famine, and how under his dictatorship he led to as much if not more devastation than Stalin and Hitler. But if that's the case how on earth am I not more educated on this man? On China as a whole, and how the communist party got started there?

Well there's only one way to remedy this situation, and that's to educate myself and read. Yesterday I listened to 4 hours of the audiobook, which is the equivalent of 86 pages. I paused a couple of times to take notes and later do some outside research on a couple of key points that stuck out to me. What I found was that it's *really* difficult to find details on the subject.

I plan on taking my time, and digging deep to not just gloss over the book, but to have a deeper understanding on Mao and the communist roots of China. Just wanted to share the start of the journey with you all.

If there's interest I'll make more threads as I read on so we can discuss this important moment in history.

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