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    Summary of Today’s Events, 2 Jan 2009
    The IAF recently attacked the house of Muhammad Madhun, a terror operative responsible for firing rockets into Israel. Madhun’s house was also used as a laboratory for the manufacturing of rockets and explosive devices and as a storage facility for rockets, mortar shells, and various weapons. The attack was carried out based on joint IDF and ISA intelligence information.

    In addition, the IAF struck the house of Imad Akel in Nuseirat. Akel is a senior Hamas terror operative and his house was used as a large storage facility for weapons. Akel is a leader of the Hamas terror organization and is a leader of the Hamas rocket (Grads and Qassams) and mortar efforts, in addition to being a weapons manufacturer. Large secondary explosions were seen following the attack due to the presence of large amounts of weaponry.

    The IAF has struck 35 in the Gaza Strip since this morning. Among the targets were the following:

    Five tunnels in the Rafah border area.
    Three weapons storage facilities including a rocket lathe in Han Yunes.
    Five Hamas outposts.
    A number of rocket launchers including the specific launcher used to fire rockets into Ashkelon this morning.
    A number of launching sites.
    Over 30 rockets were fired into Israel and pounded both Ashkelon and the Western Negev. Over 500 rockets were fired into Israel over the last week.
    64 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid were transferred into the Gaza Strip today.

    The IDF will continue operating against Hamas terror infrastructure in the Gaza

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    They should just use a MOAB and get it over with already. ;)
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