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  1. #1 Washington State Official Bans Deportation of Criminal Illegal Aliens 
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    Washington state official is banning federal immigration officials using the King County International Airport to deport criminal illegal aliens from the United States.

    An executive order by King County, Washington, Executive Dow Constantine signed this week bans the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency from using the King County International Airport, commonly known as Boeing Field, to deport all illegal aliens from the country, including those convicted of crimes against Americans.

    Constantine, in a statement, said his decision to ban ICE from using the airport to charter deportation flights of criminal illegal aliens is because King County “respects the rights of all people.”
    If the airport falls under FAA jurisdiction I don't think they can prevent ICE from using it.
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    Another traitorous ass wipe that should be arrested and hidden somewhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Old White Man View Post
    Another traitorous ass wipe that should be arrested and hidden somewhere
    It's possible some of the illegals haven't met their "Kill American Citizens" quota. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -

    Chrishia Odette - 13 Years Old.

    Daughter, Friend, Student

    Allegedly killed by

    Ramiro Tolentino Guevara

    Ramiro Tolentino Guevara, an alleged Mexican illegal alien in Texas was charged with driving without a license after allegedly killing Chrishia Odette, 13, in a car accident on September 12, 2014.

    According to Chrishia's family, Guevara was released in less than an hour after posting bond for two existing warrants.

    Chris Odette claimed that Rockwell TX law enforcement informed the family that they do not check a defendant's legal status or notify ICE unless the crime involved is a violent felony.

    The family indicated that local law enforcement lacked interest in prosecuting Guevara. The family gives credit to Congressman Michael Burgess, for getting ICE involved into Ms. Odette's case.
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