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  1. #1 Apotheosis of Eurabia: Swedish police hire protection to enter Muslim enclave 
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    Apotheosis of Eurabia: Swedish police hire protection to enter Muslim Enclave
    Via JihadWatch:

    The Swedish city Malmö has long been a center of Islamic unrest and the assertion of Sharia. But when the police are afraid to enter it without guards (although they assure us in this article that that is not why they've hired the security firm -- what else can they say?), you know that situation has deteriorated beyond the point most people would even have thought possible.

    "Police hire protection in Malmö suburb," from The Local, December 31, 2008:

    The police have contracted a security firm to help with the surveillance and protection of the police station in the Malmö suburb of Rosengård. In connection with unrest in Rosengård the station has on repeated occasions been the target of fireworks, vandalism and stone-throwing youths.

    The security firm will be deployed to help to ensure that the vandalism is not repeated, according to a report by local TV4 news program.

    Michael Storm at Malmö police pointed out to TV4 that the move in no way meant that the police were unable to look after themselves.

    The security firm will instead render it unnecessary for police officers to keep watch outside their own police station and free up resources for other duties. The firm will help the police to monitor those moving in and around the area.

    "We of course think that this is an insecure situation, but now it has happened and we are working on normalizing the situation," he said.

    And while Swedish police can't enter no-go zones without protection, in France carbecues have started again.

    Europeans all over the continent are finding themselves subdued as they aren't allowed to decorate for Christmas as these might offend Muslims. In fact, there isn't enough room is this blog to list the examples.
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    Good topic but more GD than Lounge.

    I've lived over there and have relatives and friends that I speak with often. This has been going on and deteriorating for about 15 years. The Muslims demand that the Swedes conform to their own beliefs about property laws, general laws, education, and so forth. Most ethnic Swedes have abandoned the city due to the rapes and the lack of basic services. Ambulances and fire trucks can no longer function there because of the "youth".

    The rape situation is actually horrific. No ethnic Swedish female between 10 and 70 is safe. The "youths" roam in gangs and will attack any ethnic Swede female unless she is part of large group. They are incensed that the Swedes refuse to cover or conform to Middle Eastern cultural ideals.

    The Dutch seem to be waking up so maybe the Scandis will too, eventually. Sadly, when the Northern Europeans are threatened, they tend to take drastic measures.
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