A petition to recall Gov. Phil Murphy (D.) was approved by the New Jersey Division of Elections after months of delays, and organizers are now mobilizing to collect enough signatures for a recall election to remove him over what they say are his misguided and radical policies.

Somerset County resident Terry Beck, one of three women behind the grassroots effort, told the Washington Free Beacon she has hundreds of people with whom she is coordinating, including in law enforcement and veterans, who disapprove of Murphy's performance and policies, especially on immigration.

The driving factor to challenge Mr. Murphy—not even on just a state level but on a federal level as well—was when he decided that he would put New Jersey tax-paying citizens (doing the right thing) at risk by ‘enabling' criminals/illegals to enter and exist on ‘our' American property while breaking the federal law and we would be forced to pay for their free ride while stripping all levels of law enforcement duties to protect us," said Beck.

Murphy declaring New Jersey a sanctuary state was the impetus, but other contributing factors to the effort include Murphy's gun laws and what the group believes is his disrespect for veterans.
Ship about 15,000 to NJ and see how long he lasts in office !